Building a Roadster Body, Part 3: Making the Doors


In Part Three of the Roadster Body Series, Ron Covell gives a detailed look at each step in the construction of the doors - which are arguably the most complex panels on the entire car.  Ron explains why the hinge and latch connections should be "beefed-up" to improve the strength of the doors, and shows how to build a robust internal structure that securely supports the hinges, latch, and sheet metal panels.  A broad range of tools is demonstrated - including a shrinker, stretcher, beading machine, and the English wheel.   One of the focal points is using a Dake reciprocating machine (similar to a Pullmax) with custom-made dies for forming the deep, intricate beads on the door edges.  Ron demonstrates a unique way to crimp the door skin to the inner structure - utilizing locking pliers he has specially modified for the task.  Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you're sure to learn a great deal from Ron's unique solutions to common problems, and every step is covered thoroughly - with great close-up photography, and detailed, easy to follow explanations.

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